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Glass processing

Cutting, grinding, drilling for perfect glass refinement

Glass is unique, not just because of its transparency, but also because of its structure - it is the only non-crystalline, solid material. Therefore all glass processing techniques must be perfectly aligned with the particular properties of the material glass.

For perfect glass cutting, you also have to consider the features of the many different glass products. Digitally controlled cutting units and even high-tech applications such as water jet cutting techniques are used here.

Any chip removing techniques for grinding and drilling are out of the question when it comes to glass. Rather, tiny fragments of glass are blasted off and pulled off. Water must be used here for purposes of cooling and to take away the fragments removed. Bevels, fluted bevels, edge grinding, mitred edges, countersinking, drill holes of all kinds are just some examples of glass processing which can be carried out using these techniques. Surfaces which have become matt are made “crystal clear” once more using exhaustive polishing processes.

Cutting, grinding and drilling glass products is a requirement for later use in numerous applications.

Your ISOLAR® partner has access to all the available glass processing techniques based on their own manufacturing capability and integration into the ISOLAR® group.

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