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arcon® Glass Visualizer

A picture says more than 1,000 words: At arcon, we have developed the new “Product Visualizer” in order to give architects,  building planners and their clients a first impression of the visual effects of different glass types on the building facade. This will make it even easier for you to choose the perfect product in the future.

The program allows you to view different glazing options under sunny and cloudy skies and search for certain properties of glazing. 

sunlite A

ORNILUX® design dots oHT

sunbelt dynamic // (52/28)

sunbelt A71

sunbelt A61

decodesign chrome oHT (BDG 5%)

decodesign chrome oHT (BDG 10%)

ORNILUX® design dart oHT

ORNILUX® supermikado oHT

ORNILUX® design lines oHT

sunbelt A51

sunbelt A70

sunbelt A60

sunbelt A50

sunbelt A40

sunbelt D70 oHT

sunbelt D60 oHT

sunbelt D50 oHT

sunbelt D40 oHT

sunbelt E70

sunlite bright oHT

sunbelt E71

sunlite grey 65 oHT

sunbelt polaris

sunlite grey 45 oHT

sunbelt crystal

sunbelt gold

sunbelt arctis

decodesign chrome oHT (BDG 30% *)

sunbelt scandic

sunbelt asian gold

sunlite silver-grey 25 oHT

sunbelt atlantis

decodesign chrome oHT (BDG 50% *)

sunbelt silber

sunbelt ocean

decodesign chrome oHT (BDG 70% *)

decodesign chrome oHT (BDG 90% *)