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Glass for extensions

Ideas made from glass for quality of life

Transparency and the interplay with light, openness and distance are what makes glass suitable for such a wide variety of applications.

Entrance areas, from the front door in private residences to reception areas in companies and public buildings, are more than just the interface between inside and outside. Glass is a defining element creating the first impression for any house, whether in the door panel, an automatic door or in the porch construction.

It would be difficult to imagine business centres and shopping arcades without glass assemblies and glass partition walls. Your ISOLAR® partner can support you in the planning phase and would be happy to take on the detailed measurements and installation.

Glass can also create new accents in the residential area. Attractive structures and decor underline the refined transparency of glass doors. They allow light to pass through, and if desired they can protect from prying eyes. The comprehensive range of fittings means they can be adapted to practically any surroundings.

Mirrors multiply an accomplished ambiance and reduce the problems of dark, secluded corners. There are no limits on the design of mirrors which are now available in any format imaginable - with and without lighting, with or without frames of all kinds, with engraving, grinding and bevels, with patterned surfaces, for example using sand blasting.

Glass is also firmly established in the bathroom and plumbing sector. Nothing can beat a real glass shower in terms of transparency, elegance and hygiene properties. In addition, there are mirrors, vanity units, shelves, etc. 

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