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Surface creations

Design and glass: the ideal combination for a brilliant statement

Matt makes a fine impression

Flooded with light yet not see-through - that’s the effect of matt glass. Sand blasting and etching are the two techniques used for matting. They differ from each other in terms of depth and fineness of the structure. Glass surfaces can be processed across part of or the whole area using both approaches. There are practically no limits to the creativity used when designing patterns.

Art & glass

Glass screen printing techniques have developed very quickly in recent years. Ceramic colour is applied to the surface through screen masking, and then permanently thermally bonded to the glass. Whether over the whole surface or just a part of it, there are practically no limits on your imagination. Using a wide variety of colours, you can create a harmonious entity or create deliberate contrasts. This means you can bring your own, individual patterns, lettering and company logos to life.

All designers know that screen printing allows them to transpose their artistic creations onto glass. This connection of art and glass creates a completely new feel. Allow the interplay of colours and transparency to seduce you.

Lead and art glazing

This traditional technique represents another option for decorative and artistic creations using glass. In close collaboration with you, your ISOLAR® partner will make your ideas a reality, and will protect your lead and art glazing by building it into insulating glass.

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