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Structural glazing

Modern architecture with fully glazed facades

Fully glazed facades have had a considerable influence on glass architecture in line with the principle of “Structural glazing”. This designation describes a facade construction technique whereby the glass is only attached to the load-bearing construction using a silicone adhesive.

Structural glazing facades represent the greatest challenge to the selection and processing of the facade glazing as well as the sealants and adhesives. The structural joining of the glass to the system profiles should only be carried out by specially authorised, supervised companies. Therefore, close collaboration between the architect, facade builder and glass specialist is absolutely imperative.

Nowadays, there are also similar systems for external facade systems which function without structural joints.

When it comes to “Structural glazing”, ISOLAR® can supply a comprehensive range of services from individual consultation, production of the special glass required, right up to any structural bonding of units in appropriately authorised companies.

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