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Shielding against electromagnetic waves

In recent years, the network of so-called base stations for various mobile networks has become increasingly dense. So at the same time, the question of many people becomes ever more urgent:

Can I protect myself from unwanted “mobile phone radiation”?

An extensive study commissioned by the Free State of Bavaria has now dealt with “measures in buildings to shield electromagnetic waves”.

Which measures are suitable against which type of radiation depends strongly on the frequency of the respective waves. For “mobile phone radiation” (D-network, E-network, UMTS), these frequencies are between about 400 MHz and about 2.2 GHz.

The so-called “shielding materials” work by partly reflecting and partly absorbing electromagnetic waves. The “shielding” is indicated in % as “shield attenuation” in decibels (dB) or as “shield efficiency”. A shield attenuation of 20 dB means a reduction of the “power flow density” to 1% or a shield efficiency of 99%.

The highly thermal insulating coating in heat insulating glass reflects the waves of D and E networks by about 99.9%. Thermal insulation glass therefore has a screen attenuation of about 30 dB for those frequencies. Thermal insulating glass thus helps to save energy and protect against unwanted “mobile phone radiation”.

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