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Security glazing

The product range of security glazing serves to protect people and buildings against attacks and break-ins of all kinds. The production process for bonding the glass and plastic as well as the construction of the bonded panes are specially adapted for the nature of the expected attack. Depending on the expected types of attack, the glass is subjected to different tests.

Test procedure:

Impact-resistant glazing of resistance class PAare tested with ball drop tests. The loads correspond to those that are generated by the impact of something heavy thrown at it. Class P1A-P4A is divided into different heights of the 4.11 kg metal ball and the number of ball drop tests (P5A).

Break resistant glazing of resistance class PB   is tested with an axe machine. This test simulates the loads when attacking glass with an impact tool that can cut. Classifications P6B-P8B are based on the number of impacts used to create an opening of 40 x 40 cm in the glass.

Bullet resistant glazing of resistance class BR/SG  is tested in a shooting test. This involves firing a total of three rounds at each pane. The classification BR1-BR7 and SG1-SG is carried out according to different weapons, calibres and shooting distances.

Explosion-resistant glazing of the resistance class ER  serves as protection against explosions. It is recommended to check the complete construction according to the standards and norms provided for this purpose.

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