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Painting and adhesives for panes

Subsequent application of foils and colours to glazing generally results in an additional high thermal load on the glass when exposed to sun irradiation. In particular, when it comes to strongly absorbent foils and colours, the thermal stress of the glass generated by sun irradiation can reach a considerable amount. Due to the expected local temperature difference or heat build-up in sun irradiation, high stresses develop in the glass, which can lead to breakage or cracks in the glass.

If it is already known in the planning phase of a building that adhesives or paint will be used on the windows (for example kindergartens), the windows can be made of thermally toughened safety glass. Thermally toughened safety glass, as pre-stressed glass, can withstand significantly higher thermal loads than the float glass normally used. The risk of breakage is significantly reduced.

It is also to be considered which direction the respective panes are facing. The decisive factor is the question of whether such panes are exposed to vertical or almost vertical sun irradiation. In that case the thermal load is greatest.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult a specialist before using adhesives or paint on the glazing units.

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