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Furniture glass and display cases

Glass design brings transparent variety

There is a long tradition of using glass as part of furniture making. While in the past, glass products were an add-on, now they are undoubtedly an integral design element.

Glass doors, glass floors, tabletops, glass inserts are just a few examples of the ways glass products have become part of the design of contemporary, functional furniture. The incredible variety of decorative glass and mirrors has now been complemented by a wide range of fittings. Together with the options for glass processing and glass surface design, as well as new adhesive and sealing technology, they help turn creative ideas into furniture with aesthetic appeal. Tables, shelving units and audio furniture completely made from glass, or combined with aluminium or stainless steel frames or fittings are also growing in popularity.

Display with glass

Today, glass presentation technology has become a product area in its own right. Showcases have now become display cabinets, with a definite hint of furniture about them. The skilful interplay of glass and light shows precious exhibits and art or historical treasures at their best.

A condition for building a successful display cabinet is close cooperation between client, planner and glass specialist. Your ISOLAR® partner brings many years of experience working with glass, wood and metal, as well as the areas of safety, light and climate control. These are all an important foundation for the versatile design of rooms for presentation of exhibitions and products in companies and museums.

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