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Exterior covering on the outer glass surface

In rare cases,the formation of a milky grey, misty film has occurred on the outer glass surface of the outer pane of insulating glass, which occurred again a period of time after cleaning the glass surface. This surface disappears only after a very long period of time. In-depth laboratory tests have so far only shown that this is an organic coating. Since the organic substances found in the coverings are neither used in the production nor in the further processing of float glass by the manufacturer of insulating glass, nor do the glass surfaces come into contact with organic vapours or with these substances, it is almost certainly the case that the prevailing conditions for contamination of the glass surfaces and thus responsible for a change in the wetting reaction are at the place of installation. Evaporation from, for example, paints, floor coverings or other materials in the vicinity of the glass elements can cause this phenomenon. This appearance is not a defect.

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