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Double pane or insulating glass effect

The insulating glass system prevents pressure equalisation of the gas or air volume trapped between the panes with the ambient air. When the climatic conditions change in comparison to the conditions in the production of the insulating glass, the general gas laws apply to the gas or the air in the cavity. The behaviour of the insulating glass system is influenced by ambient temperatures, sun irradiation, weather conditions (air pressure) and installation altitude compared with the altitude during production. The result may be pressure changes in the cavity and deformations of the glass surfaces. The use of panes with increased absorption of sun irradiation (e.g., coated or mass-coloured glass) and large cavities can enhance this effect. In the case of insulating glass with asymmetrical glass structure (for example sound insulating glass, security glazing) this can lead to extreme loads on the insulating glass unit in the case of unfavourable pane formats. These influences are system dependent and can not be avoided.

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