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Chemical influences and interactions

It is essential to protect glass surfaces before contact with alkaline building materials such as cement, lime and the like, as they quickly cause irreparable damage to glass products. Intensive lyes to remove old paint on wooden frames, etc. must be removed from the pane surfaces when wet.

Glazing sealants and glazing blocks must be chemically compatible with the sealants of the insulating glass edge seal and the semi-finished products used in the insulating glass. In particular, this means that migrations of plasticizers between the glazing sealants with detrimental consequences for the functions of the ISOLAR glass, such as optical impairments are to be excluded. With regard to the selection of glazing sealants, the respective ISOLAR companies, in cooperation with their respective suppliers, can be of assistance for the sealants for the ISOLAR glass edge seal. Glazing blocks made of recycled material containing styrene or polystyrene are unsuitable for the glazing of ISOLAR glasses.

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