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Fischer Kälte-Klima

Solar control glass from arcon® for new company headquarters

Fischer Kälte-Klima relies on solar control

The traditional Swabian company Fischer Kälte-Klima has moved its headquarters from Stuttgart to Rommelshausen in the Remstal, about ten kilometres away. Reason for this: Lack of space. On the new premises, special attention was paid to sustainability and energy efficiency. For this reason, the company opted for solar control glass from arcon®.

The high stock availability of more than 25,000 catalogue items, extensive quality and function checks directly after production, as well as individually designed compound cooling and control systems are the distinguishing features of Christof Fischer GmbH, a family-run business now in its fourth generation. The company, known as Fischer Kälte-Klima, looks back on almost 100 years of corporate tradition in the field of air-conditioning technology. "We have a total of ten branches in Germany, six in Switzerland and one in Denmark," explains Veit Scholl, Managing Director of Fischer Kälte-Klima. The new headquarters of Fischer Kälte-Klima was relocated from Stuttgart to the neighbouring town of Rommelshausen in the Remstal last year. After more than ninety years in the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the space had become too small. And the proximity to the Bundesstrasse 29 is also a gain for the company, which is committed to "maximum flexibility and reliable delivery times". 

New headquarters follows sustainability concept

 "Always keeping up with the time and adapting to social change at an early stage is part of our corporate DNA," says Scholl. Which is why the focus of the new 7,500 square metre building was also on energy efficiency and sustainability. The sunbelt® solar control glass from arcon® plays an essential role in this. Fischer Kälte-Klima and their architects, Zindel und Partner, had precise ideas and specifications about what the glass had to fulfil. The focus was on effective sun protection and thermal insulation. Based on these specifications, they decided on our A60 solar control coating, as it fulfils all the specified values. In addition, the coating can distinguish between visible light and infrared radiation – which is why it offers effective sun protection with high light transmission. To ensure that sufficient daylight reaches the inside of the building, these glasses allow visible light to pass through. The warm infrared radiation, however, remains outside, which prevents the rooms from heating up in summer. Both the energy absorption and the reflection of glass with the A 60 coating are in a very good ratio to each other, so that on the one hand no excessive external reflection is caused and on the other hand, due to the good absorption, the glass does not have to be tempered. This coating variant thus offers an efficient and economical solution.

Pleasant indoor climate all year round

Triple glazing with a light transmittance of 56 percent and an energy transmittance of 31 percent was installed in both the production hall and the offices. sunbelt® was the perfect decision for us," explains Martin Krotz, architect at Zindel und Partner. "Thanks to the glass, the employees can make optimal use of the daylight at any time of the year," says the architect: "And the indoor climate is always pleasant." The large windows throughout the building also allow an expansive view over the Remstal with its vineyards and forests. Thus, the glass fulfils both the essential requirements resulting from the climate prevailing in Central Europe and the aesthetic and design requirements of the cooling and air-conditioning specialist.


Christof Fischer GmbH, Waiblinger Straße 111, 71394 Kernen im Remstal (Germany)


Zindel + Partner, Am Fruchtkasten 3, 70173 Stuttgart (Germany)

Glass supplier

Glaswerke Arnold GmbH & Co.KG, Alfred-Klingele-Straße 15, 73630 Remshalden (Germany)

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