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Indoor Application

arcon glass for interiors

From kitchens and doors to entire entrance areas

Within your own four walls, at the office, or at the surgery: glass can be found everywhere where elegance and functionality are required. Glass stands for bright rooms; in combination with lighting it creates different moods and impressions, and communicates a feeling of space. Horizontal sliding walls and glass doors often distinguish representative entrance halls. Coloured glass reception counters, parts of the conservatory, kitchen tiles, the aquarium or the coffee table – the use of glass in interiors opens up a multitude of possibilities.

Hygienic and easy to clean

Apart from elegance and functionality, low-maintenance materials are needed for interior use. Hygiene is an especially important aspect in doctors‘ surgeries or in the kitchen. The homogenous surface of glass makes it both hygienic and low-maintenance. It‘s easy to clean and disinfect. The glass can be additionally sealed with the arcon special coating “aqualite” to make the surface water- repellent and noticeably smoother.

Safer living with glass in interiors

Safety plays an important role in interior design. To avoid accidents, furniture, staircases and normal or swing doors must be resistant to shocks and impact. For special applications, glass doors can be fitted with additional glass bracing. arcon offers custom solutions of tempered safety glass that meet the challenges and demands throughout the interior. These can be supplied as either flat or curved glass.

arcon products for interiors

Safety glass

The The manufacturing process for arcon-dur safety glass results in a higher bending strength and higher impact- and temperature-resistance compared to normal float glass, as well as improved safety due to the fact that it forms grains in the event of breakage. All safety glass is subjected to a heat-soak-test for flaws and is available in various strengths.

Serigraphy (screen-printing)

Using arcon-dur safety glass as a decorative design element gives planners and architects new freedom. The broad spectrum of colours and motifs in glass enables unexpected new features, both inside and outside. Exterior use is possible thanks to the special properties of the screen-printing process, in which ceramic pigments are used in the production of flat or curved tempered glass.

This is why architects and builders choose arcon glass for interiors

The arcon-dur product palette encompasses the complete range of architectural glass: float glass, low-iron glass, bronze, gray or green body tinted glass and coated, frosted glass, and many different types of structured glass. The tempered safety glass can also be screen-printed with ceramic paint. An innovative design and the customer’s individual preferences are our priority. TippiT is available in a large selection of colours and types and in customised versions.

The complete production in Germany allows arcon to react quickly and flexibly to individual customer wishes and offer a one-stop solution.

The facility in Feuchtwangen (Bavaria) allows us to offer our customers short delivery times and short shipping as well as high-quality production. Our on-site consultancy saves time and money, and optimizes the planning and realization of projects. Clients worldwide appreciate the reliability and planning security achievable through the combination of various products and through arcon‘s dependable delivery. Long-term experience in the sanitary sector makes arcon a reliable partner.

The main advantages of arcon glass for interiors


Innovative sensor technology


Countless design possibilities with silk-screened and coloured tempered safety glass; a large selection of colours and patterns


Competent advice reduces costs and saves time


Short delivery times, a one-stop solution


High quality products made in Germany