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arcon glass for vehicle construction

Right of way for safety and good looks

Not much attention is paid to the windows when people form an opinion of a particular vehicle. Unfairly so. In vehicle and ship construction, glass is an excellent material thanks to its versatility and its different possible uses. In both visual and technical respects, the composition and quality of glass play an important role. The glass only attains a perfect appearance when arcon‘s topview with minimised anisotropy is deployed.

All vehicle windows have to fulfil safety standards whose importance emerges clearly in extreme situations. The glass has to be very stable and shatterproof. In the event of destruction, the glass breaks up into grains, posing only a small danger of injury.

arcon products for vehicle construction

Safety glass

arcon-dur safety glass (tempered safety glass ESG and heat-strengthened glass TVG) combines aesthetics, function and safety. Depending on the application, arcon-dur safety glass fulfils the relevant norms, be it for train windows, glass used in shipping or other areas. By agreement with you, the customer, we either perform the necessary inspections ourselves, or bring in outside examiners. As our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, all our processes are designed to guarantee reliability and quality at all times. The manufacturing technique makes arcon-dur safety glass more resistant to temperature, thermal stress, impact, resistant to bending fractures and less dangerous (ESG forms grains in the event of destruction) than normal float glass.

arcon topview

Thanks to this new development from arcon, you don‘t need to put up with annoying optical effects in your vehicle windows any more. If you want your vehicle to look immaculate, you should consider arcon topview glass in future. A patented method optimises the production of coated glass to achieve the highest possible isotropic values.

This is why customers choose arcon glass

With its new development arcon topview, arcon has revolutionised the manufacture of themally pre-stressed glass. With this new product, which is available both as toughened and as heat-strengthened, hitherto unavoidable, annoying double refraction, so-called anisotropy, is reduced to a minimum.

It goes without saying that all our panes of safety glass offer the required characteristics such as strength, temperature- and breakage-resistance. Should you have any requirements that go beyond the norm, don‘t hesitate to tell us. Personal advice ensures a high level of satisfaction among our customers.

The main advantages of arcon glass for vehicle construction


Authorisations for train and shipping use are in place.


  • Quality management system certificate according to
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • top manufacturing quality


  • Attractive design
  • Custom production
  • Production according to the customer‘s own specifications

Produktion variety

Flat and curved ESG available either with or without screen-printing

Safety + aesthetics

arcon is the only manufacturer to combine safety with aesthetics.