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Architectural Glass

Glass for architecture and facades

Good architectural glass conserves resources

Modern architecture is increasingly using large sizes of glass as a creative element in buildings and as a way of achieving greater transparency. At the same time, rising energy prices and a sense of environmental responsibility oblige us to conserve resources. The requirements to minimize energy consumption are further increased by new legislation and local regulations. Thus glass must ensure that heat doesn‘t get out of a building‘s interior, and at the same time that the sun‘s rays can be used as a source of energy.

Glass facades with sun protection: Light rooms and a pleasant temperature

Many people worry that the summer sun will heat up the rooms if larger glass surfaces are integrated into a building‘s facade. But there‘s no need for concern here – as long as the right glass is used. Protection from the sun‘s rays is integrated into the double glazing to prevent precisely this effect, but it still lets enough daylight shine through the glass: only the thermal energy is filtered out. Despite the use of large glass surfaces, energy-intensive cooling systems can be smaller-sized. In this way, buildings with a modern, prestigious appearance can be designed, integrating multi-purpose glass into the facade.

Stability plus transparency

Without safety there can be no glass architecture. Especially when glass is used in a façade, safety is a decisive criterium in choosing the glass. arcon offers the right solutions for the challenges your project involves, be it single-pane safety glass, laminated safety glass or other, complex combinations. Multiple use is a prerequisite in today‘s modern architecture.

arcon products for architecture and facades

low-e glass

arcon heat insulation coatings with a U value of between 0.6 and 1.1 W/m²K represent an important component in reducing buildings‘ energy consumption and at the same time harnessing the infra-red radiation of the sun to heat the interior using solar energy. arcon low-e glass can be applied to nearly all types of glass used for architectural purposes.

Solar control glass

The latest coating technology with solar factors of 50 % to 18 % ensure that less total energy is allowed through, while light transmission remains high at up to 73 %. Sunbelt solar control coatings can be applied to nearly all types of glass used for architectural purposes.

Safety glass

The production methods used for arcon-dur safety glass ensure that, compared with normal float glass, it is more resistant to impact, breakage, thermal-shock and temperature and less dangerous when breakage, as the glass breaks up into small pieces. arcon-dur has been subjected to the heat-soak-test for NiS crystals, which can lead to sudden fractures, and it is available as safety glass in a number of different versions.

Screen printing

arcon-dur offers tempered safety glass that is screen-printed with ceramic paints. Multi-colour printing is possible too. In the case of dual-frit screen printing, the colour varies, depending on whether the pane of glass is viewed from the outside or the inside. arcon-dur tempered safety glass ESG and heat-strengthened glass fulfils the relevant national and international standards, and is weatherproof, abrasion- and scratchproof, acid- and leach-resistant, UV-stable, temperature-resistant and impact-proof. There are no limits to the material‘s versatility.

This is why architects choose

arcon glass

arcon offers the biggest range of solar control and low-e coatings. Thanks to great manufacturing penetration and the concentration on two sites in Germany, arcon is able to repond fast and flexibly to customers‘ wishes, offering single-source solutions.

arcon guarantees short delivery times and high product quality, with short coating cycles at its Bavarian factory in Feuchtwangen or in Jena in Thuringia. On-the-spot advice saves time and money, optimising the planning and realisation of projects.

Architects and builders all over the world value arcon‘s reliability as a basis for depen-dable planning. arcon is also an important partner when repeat orders or replacements are needed for older buildings. The good balance between light transmission and sun protection makes arcon glass particularly attractive.

The main advantages of arcon glass for architecture and facades


Biggest selection of solar control and low-e coatings


Flexible production according to the customer‘s wishes, custom solutions possible


Different products can be combined with one another

Subsequent delivery for many years

Subsequent delivery possible for older buildings

arcon topview

With topview arcon supplies the only glass currently on the market that eliminates visible anistropy.