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arcon® LTD-Manager

An improved programme: The new arcon LTD-Manager

We are pleased to announce that our improved version of the LTD-Manager is now online. We have also incorporated your valued input. The established software is available to everyone and does not require any registration. You can now easily establish the glazing properties for your project.

The new software allows you to:

  • calculate your glazing options without registration to use the programme
  • generate datasheets with your company´s signature
  • save your glazing calculations and edit them at a later stage if necessary
  • use more than 150 sound insulation values, which are based on laboratory tests, are incorporated into the software and will be highlighted on datasheets where appropriate
  • specify a detailed glass build up showing fully toughened, heat strengthened and float glass

Should you have any questions or would like to receive an online guided tour of the programme, our experts are available to help when needed.

    Download German version

    Download English version

    The installed file gives you direct access to our LTD-Manager.

    Disclaimer of warranty

    In spite of careful development and extensive tests it is not possible to guarantee perfect functioning of the online calculation software or the correctness and completeness of the PDF documentation. arcon does not take any responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the online calculation software or its unsuitability for any specific purpose, or caused by incorrect or missing information in the documentation. arcon reserves the right to change the online calculation software and the information included in the documentation without prior notice.